Haunted Hill House | Friday March 29th 2019


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One of the most haunted houses in Texas! Welcome to the Haunted Hill House.

Home to the "Crazy Water" where many people flock to the town to buy the water which contains Lithium which is a mood stabilizing agent indicated for the treatment of manic episodes and bipolar disorder as described by the FDA .

This is an overnight investigation! Limited Number of Guests

Event Starts at:  8:30pm

Event Finishes at:  9:00am


The reported, witnessed and captured paranormal activity here is so daunting that many visitors have refused to go back.

Many witnesses have captured ghostly electronic voice phenomenon, which ranges from the many females that used to work here to that of a young boy named "Joshua".  Other ghost hunters and visitors have reported witnessing the “Dark Shadow Man” is this the spirit that has scratched so many people?

Haunted Hill House has a checkered history dating all the way back to 1892 when it was originally built.

Some people have nicknamed it the “Tragedy House” as so many deaths have occurred here, including accidental hangings.

One of the restrooms is still bricked up to this day and many have wondered what secrets lie here.  It also sits next door to a funeral house, are these the spirits that also enter the haunted hill house?

There was also a secret tunnel that connected this house to the Baker Hotel, which was used by Presidents and famous guests to visit the Haunted Hill House during prohibition and also to visit the ladies of the night.


In the late 1800s to early 1900s, Mineral Wells, TX found its fame in it’s mineral filled spring water. This water was known to cure aliments and the town began drilling wells and soon the town became a sort of health spa paradise.  

Hotels, sanatoriums, pools, and resorts were built all over this northern Texas town, people would come from all over to drink the crazy water and swim in the pools in the hopes of being cured from mental illness, disease and whatever they felt ailed them.

The house, originally built in 1892 during the towns uprising and growing of visitors. Fannie Yeager was their original owner and was a home to the Yeager family. By the mid 1930s, it served as the town brothel due to the proximity of the Baker Hotel, located directly across the street.  

Many of the guests of the Baker often were businessmen and said to be famous. They would visit from Dallas to relax and recoup from their busy lives. They often required “entertainment” by the ladies of the night and visit the Hill House for that purpose along with the illegal bootlegging operation that was ran out of the house.

The house has a haunting past, leaving a lot of lingering energy behind. It is believed to be home to over a dozen ghosts.

Many visitors to the Haunted Hill House experience voices, doors opening and closing, being touched, seeing apparitions and shadow people. Along with balls of energy or Orbs and objects being thrown. 

Haunted Hill House History Timeline:

1892:  Home was built by Fannie Yeager.  The Yeager family prominent in Mineral Wells.  Fannie died in the home in 1924.  

1928:  Susan Renfrow, Fannie’s sister died in the home from the flu.


  • The Hill House served as a brothel for the Baker hotel which brought on crime and many undocumented deaths, including murder.

  • Many investigators and psychics have captured EVPs and heard disembodied voices of a man and woman arguing followed by what could be a sound of a gunshot.

  • One of the prostitutes who resided in the home had a mentally handicapped son by the name of Joshua who died around the age of 6 He is often heard on EVP and seems to enjoy the attention. Some have reported a female spirit with Jonathan, perhaps it could be his mother or other ladies of the house watching over him.

  • The house also ran alcohol during prohibition and supplied clients at the Baker.  Maybe some of these transactions didn’t work out as planned, leaving behind some residual energy?

  • In the 1950s, a man was working on the fireplace chimney on the roof, he fell to his death.

  • The house was a rental property during the 1950s to 1970s which leaves a lot of mystery.  One strange accident was that of a small boy, who accidentally hung himself from his swing set in the yard. There is a tree in that area of the property that has a cross carved into it possibly a memorial to that tragedy.

  • Madeline, a young girl, is a spirit that also frequents the home who was struck by a car and died on the steps leading to the front of the house.  Her picture is displayed as a memorial in the home.

  • One of the owners reportedly fell into a well out back and died. He is permanent spirit of the house.




Your ghost hunt at The Haunted Hill House includes the following:

  • Exclusive Overnight Access to this haunted House,
  • Overnight Ghost Hunting,
  • Small Group Vigils,
  • You will be ghost hunting in the most active areas of this very haunted location,
  • Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
  • Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Tea, Coffee,  Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
  • Selection of snacks.

Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.