The Shanley Hotel - New York

Known as the most haunted location on the East Coast, the Haunted Shanley Hotel is a Bed & Breakfast where you will be sleeping with the spirits!  People from all over the world travel to the sleepy town of Napanoch, New York to share in the experience and seek answers from beyond the grave.  The hauntings have gained the attention of SYFY’s Ghost Hunters, Bio’s My Ghost Story, and the Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab—to name a few.  Paranormal investigators flock to the hotel to discover the stories of the Haunted Shanley Hotel’s exciting history.

The spirits that linger span the many decades of the hotel’s existence.  Guests have seen full-bodied apparitions of a woman in Victorian dress, a man wearing the garb of the 1920’s, a little girl that giggles and plays in the corridors, a ghostly feline that meanders between the legs of guests and many, many more.  Photographs and bone chilling EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) have captured evidence of the hauntings.  Disembodied voices calling out to guests, shadow figures watching from the darkened corridors, spirits slipping under the covers…you will not be disappointed!

Price is per person, (Minimum of two Persons) some rooms can accommodate 3 guests. The ONLY exception to this is the Gentleman Quarters Beds, where the cost is lower per person (minimum of 1 person, maximum of 2 per bed). Excluding Our New Years Events

All taxes (including Room Taxes) are included, Dinner is also included.