Old Phelps Dodge Hospital, Ajo - Arizona - May / June 2019 Events


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Ghost Hunt Event Start Time: 8:00pm

Ghost Hunt Event Finish Time: 4:00am

Welcome to one of the most terrifying haunted locations in Arizona! We have exclusive overnight access to this formidable haunted location.   

One of the most terrifying and active locations in Arizona is the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital located in Ajo.  As featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, this location has lured in paranormal investigators from around the world to explore the 29,000 square foot structure.  The stories and experiences of those brave enough to explore these corridors will drive you to pack up your gear and enter the darkness to speak with the spirits that still linger within the stucco walls.

The Old Phelps Dodge Hospital is placed upon a hilltop directly across from the New Cornelia Open-Pit Copper Mine on land that was once inhabited by the Tohono O’odham Native American tribe.  The mine itself is 1.5 miles wide and over 1100 feet deep and served as the primary source of labor for the town of Ajo for most of the 19th and 20th centuries until a union strike led to its closure in 1985.  The hospital closed soon after as the population began to dwindle.

During its time of service to the community, the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital was witness to countless deaths.  Mining accidents, disease and foul play all played a part in those who took their last breath within the walls.  Perhaps the most heartbreaking loss of life was that of the many children who lost their battle to childhood disease prior to the introduction of vaccines that would end the epidemics.

Since its recent purchase, the caretaker, Ignacio, has reported several tales of paranormal activity.  Doorknobs rattling, doors slamming and repeatedly being choked in his sleep would be enough for most folks to look for a new job!

Signs flying off the walls, a dark entity lingering outside the operating room, the sound of babies crying, doors slamming, people being pushed and shoved, shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps, eerie laughter, full-bodied apparitions—this is one location you do not want to miss the opportunity to investigate! 

The only question that remains—will you dare to wander into the pitch black corridors alone? 


The Phelps Dodge Corporation was incorporated in 1834 as an American mining company that focused on the new and burgeoning Western Frontier of the United States.  The efforts of the Corporation assisted in constructing railroads that would run from the economic centers in the East to the rich lands of the virgin soils of the West.  Ajo, Arizona, was one of the many towns that lent its copper vested land to the wealth of the corporation. 

Ajo is a tiny, struggling town nestled in southwestern Arizona.  Until 1985, almost everyone in town was employed by the Phelps Dodge Corporation and worked with the New Cornelia copper mine that is less than a mile from the center of town.  Mountains of debris and waste material still litter the landscape but probably the most notable imprint that the mining company left behind is the open-pit crater that boasts more than 1400 feet in depth.  In 1983 a union strike was the beginning of the end of the New Cornelia Mine which would close completely in 1985 taking most of the population and their jobs with it.

But during the boom of the copper industry, the influx of miners and their families presented a need for a hospital to look after the wellbeing of the community.  The Phelps Dodge Corporation constructed the hospital on a hilltop directly across from the New Cornelia Mine in three phases between the 1940s to the 1960s.  The 29,000 square feet served the people of Ajo until 1986, shutting down shortly after the closing of the Mine.  The structure itself sat abandoned until it was purchased in 1995.

Love and attention has kept the stucco building in good condition as it has changed hands over the past few decades.  Now the property is looked after by its caretaker, Ignacio, who has several stories to tell about the Phelps Dodge Hospital that will cause your spine to tingle. The spirits that still linger within its corridors have stories to tell and are eager for the living to enter.

It’s not surprising that so many souls still wander the corridors.  Long before the value of the copper rich lands was discovered, Ajo was home to the Tohono O’odham, translated as the “Desert People,” and a Native American Tribe, so the presence of their ancestors is common.  There were also countless deaths that occurred during its many years of operation due to mining accidents, disease and foul play.  Several children also passed away during epidemics prior to the introduction of vaccines.

The Old Phelps Dodge Hospital is waiting for you to explore her hallways and walk the paths of the spirits.  Are you willing to brave the darkness?


Your ghost hunt at Old Phelps Dodge Hospital includes the following:

  • Exclusive access to the most haunted areas of this hospital,
  • Group Séances,
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils,
  • Structured Vigils,
  • Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
  • Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
  • Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
  • Selection of snacks.

Guests are advised to dress appropriately to the changing weather conditions.